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Meditation in Real Life: A
Path Towards Life

Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is. – Richard Freeman

Do you struggle with satisfaction in life?

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to boost an individual’s life satisfaction. When individuals’ self-confidence improves, they are able to increase their life satisfaction. Sometimes, it happens that people are not able to deal with issues in their life and they keep going into a dark hole. If they do not deal with the issue timely, they won’t be able to regain the joy in their life.

The ‘meditation in real life: a path towards life satisfaction’ course will facilitate you in improving your relaxation skills and satisfaction with life. The course will help you take control of your life by making you strong from the inside.

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Who is this Course for?
The course is for people who:

Passionate about transfiguring their life

Wish to decrease stress

Desire to enhance their physical health

Receptive to new learning

Want to control anger and frustration

Who is this Course for?
There are five basic requirements from the students

Motivation to renew life

An open mind

Stable internet connection

Mental flexibility

Strong dedication

What is in This Course?

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful way to grow your inner power so that people can enjoy their life to the fullest.

The objective of the course is to help you grow as a person. It is done by increasing your awareness of the importance of mindfulness meditation. It also discusses the value of compassion so that people are able to regulate their emotions timely. In this way, the course curriculum enhances your resilience and satisfaction with life.

Additionally, It also covers the reasons behind practicing mindfulness meditation and talks about different meditation exercises that create harmony between the mind, body, and soul. For example, breathing exercises, and staying in the present moment. The students will be explained how to deal with their PTSD as well.

The curriculum will help you deal with myths around meditation and manage your life during chaotic times. It will help you monitor your mental health skillfully. It also talks about the impact of meditation on the emotional health of a person. It will teach you different ways to boost your self-confidence, empathy, and self-compassion.

After learning these lessons, you’ll be able to manage anger or frustration or feel less stressed. The positive transformation that you’ll see comes from within and that’s what these courses are all about.

Why do you need this Course?

If you want to take control of your mental health and reduce depression, anxiety, and PTSD, you should opt for the course immediately. The course curriculum will help you improve your mindset and focus so that you can ameliorate your productivity and decision-making abilities.

Individuals who want to lower their cholesterol levels, manage blood pressure, and diabetes should sign up for the course now. If you desire to boost your self-confidence and inner peace, you will observe a positive transformation in your daily life.

Key Learnings


Better stress management for reducing unpleasant emotions

Improvement of mindset into a growth mindset

Anger management to take control of your rage

Techniques to improve balance and stability

Importance of meditation for boosted relaxation

Emotional awareness for improved emotional management

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Reviews by our


I know what it is like to be stressed all the time. The course helped me in stress management and nurtured a sense of control in life.


I used to feel insecure around the clock. Ancreda course made me feel strong by highlighting my strengths and qualities.


High blood pressure was a constant issue for me. The breathing exercise in meditation supported me in managing it. I feel awesome now.

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