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The Meditation Course
Knack For A Worry-Free

Meditation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity. – Baba Ram Dass

Yoga meditation is more than a sense of relaxation, it provides inner peace and calmness. It’s a profound journey of changing your perspective about life. Yoga meditation teaches you what it means to be alive and the purpose of your presence leading you towards self-awareness. It’s not about how to maintain focus and attention but it’s about how to be more organized and non-judgmental. Approaching meditation with a more comprehensive attitude transforms your negativity into positivity. It also teaches you to be productive in an effective manner. Life is like a mystery and you’ll only have inner peace after you’re able to solve these by mastering life skills. The art of meditation is about self-discovery, cultivating blocks of self-care, and confronting the hurdles by facing them. Practicing meditation will take you to a deep level of mindfulness, and you’ll be able to see the amazing changes in your life.

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Who is this Course for?
The course is for people who:

Love yoga meditation

Strive to reinforce focus and attention

Maintain love and kindness

Want to experience inner peace

Want to relieve stress

Who is this Course for?
There are five basic requirements from the students

Strong dedication

Flexible mind

Internet access

Potential to grow

Intrusion free space

What is in This Course?

This course is designed for individuals who want to learn the art of meditation, live peacefully, and enjoy their life with more experiences and better health. Yoga meditation isn’t just a relaxing technique. It’s much more than that. Scientific studies show that meditation reduces stress, improves sleep patterns, and heals a huge variety of diseases. This meditation course will take you on a profound journey of the art of breathing, and healing your mind and soul. The course provides several enlightenment meditation-guided sessions and practical techniques to keep the mind and body in harmony with each other. The gateway to practice meditation is through mindfulness. This course will walk you through the why, when, what, where, and how to meditate using the techniques of mindfulness.

Awakened body and breathing techniques

Ways to Increase self-confidence

Transcend suffering and feel free

Building motivation through mindfulness

Techniques to quiet your “self-critical”

Why do you need this Course?

People who want to see an optimistic change in their lives should practice yoga meditation daily. People often find it hard to build attention because of the intrusions in our surroundings. This course will teach them to deal with distractions not in a reactive but in a constructive way. The course is perfect for those people who want to build clarity of mind, build greater intuition, and to increase their cognitive abilities.

Furthermore, the course will support the disciples of mindfulness to reduce their level of ruminative thoughts, increase self-awareness, and enhance their level of creativity.

Key Learnings


Building emotional intelligence

Overcoming negativity

Consistently staying in inner peace

Maintaining equanimity

Reducing stressors

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Reviews by our


I’ve seen different yoga meditation practices and apps but never really understood the real value. This course changed my perception of the entire thing.


I’ve been facing the problem of repetitive thoughts that hinders my ability to think in an organized manner. Ancreda course has allowed me to manage the negativity.


Maintaining inner peace is very difficult in this technological world. But learning the basics of yoga meditation gave me a sense of realization towards a peaceful life.

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